Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Picture Princess

So awhile ago, I found this website for a company called, Shabby Apple, that sells some of the cutest little girl clothes! I just love all their dresses. They are so pretty, unique, and feminine! (They also sell some great looking women's clothes!) And as it turns out, I happen to have a little girl who is pretty, unique, and feminine, so the dresses fit her personality! I would love to have a lot of their cute dresses for her as she would look precious in them. Shappy Apple happens to be having a great contest to find the next picture princess and I think my little princess would be perfect in the winning role as a model for their summer line. Plus, it would be a way to score their spring line of adorable dresses! My favorite being the Creamsicle dress. You can find all the little girls and girls dresses from Shabby Baby, here.

Callie should be the next picture princess because she is a princess or at least she believes that with all her heart! She loves all things girly, pretty, and princess-y. She loves to dress up in pretty dresses and dance around the house, smiling and swaying to the music in her head or what is playing on the stereo. Callie loves having her picture taken too. She loves to pose and then can't wait to see how the picture turns out. She thinks it is super fun to dress up, ham it up in front of the camera, and then view the results. Callie is by far a picture princess!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

O Happy Day...

I said goodbye to my braces today!

(and good riddance too!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

KJ would like everyone to know....

that he is the 5th best disc golf player (same thing as frisbee golf, I am just not allowed to call it that as disc golf sounds a lot more cool) in Nashville. He and Kan played in the Crockett Park Ice Bowl on Saturday. KJ placed 5th out of 100. Kan placed 100th. He had a great attitude about it though! He said someone had to be last and he was just filling that role.


It seems as your kids get older, life gets busier. We are entering a new phase of life (actually we have entered it and been there for a little while now!) This new phase involves lots of sporting events and lots of helping out at the kids schools. I am loving it all! I am pretty sure that from now until college starts, I will probably have a sporting event to watch on the weekends with only short breaks for holidays and in between one sport ending and another starting. However, HJ is loving it and we love watching him!
I am also kinda the official baker for any school function going on. There have been a few things going on in January that have required lots of baking. I am the muffin and cookie queen! I will do a post soon of the recipes I am using in case anyone is interested in having some great, tried and true, recipes for taking somewhere or entertaining. They are very well received! Be looking for that if you are interested.
We have also enjoyed friends coming to stay with us. It is like fun pajama parties. I love getting to really talk and visit with people. When they stay with you for a weekend, you really get to bond in a way that doesn't happen when it is just little bits of times together here and there. We love having people come stay with us and it is all new as we never had people stay with us when we lived in Ktown. So we will just say there is an open invitation to any one wanting to come to Nashville. You have free lodging here if you would like it!

Here are some random pictures from some of HJ's basketball games and some time with friends!

We put KJ's friend Kan to work helping to FINALLY after a year, install our basketball goal this past weekend.

HJ is the point guard for his team. This is him calling play #2. KJ is so proud he can't stand it. HJ is one of the littlest kids on the team but he plays the hardest and hustles the fastest! I tear up at some of the games because I can't believe how mature, focused, driven, and sweet my son has become. It is hard to believe only a short time ago he was a baby and now he is a leader among the other boys. It just doesn't seem possible for him to be growing up this fast!

These are random pictures from different games. I definitely need a new lense for shooting sports photography, especially in a dark, old gym! I need some better instruction too, on how to take good shots under these bad lighting, fast action conditions.

Below, are some of the million pictures I took over the weekend of our friends and their now 3 month old baby. I posted pics awhile ago of this baby when she was 6 weeks old. She has only grown cuter in the 6 weeks since we have seen her! The family shot is one of my favorite pictures I've taken. I can't decide if I like it better in black and white or color.