Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going Shopping

CJ loves to pretend she is going shopping with her shopping cart. She always puts Ducky in the front where she sits when I go shopping and baby goes in the back. Then she prances around the house with her high heel, pink, feathered shoes on. She is to cute! I just had to share these pictures taken last week!

Getting Ready

Well the count down to the big move has begun! We are less than a month away from moving and we still have nowhere to go! Both KJ and I check daily for new listings and know if we are patient we will find a house that feels right!

I created this blog so everyone can keep up with our daily lives as we adjust to being Nashvillians. It won't be updated much as we prepare to move but I hope to be a very active blogger once we get settled in Nashville!

So thanks for visiting and start check back frequently soon!