Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disney on Ice

Two Saturdays ago, we took the kids to see Disney on Ice at the Sommet Center. HJ was just excited to go to where the Predators play but CG was ecstatic to be going to see the show. (HJ soon got super excited about the show once it started!)

While we were at soccer, some of the other parents told us that a lot of little girls had on princess dresses at the show. CG was thrilled for the opportunity to wear hers. When I took her pictures, she actually preened and posed, all by herself. I have never seen her do that before (all without any prompting or directions for me). She was just enjoying the picture taking process in her princess gown!

At the preshow, they had all the princess dresses set up to look at. Here is CG in front of the Belle dress.

And of course, I must include a picture from the show!

Here is a picture of HJ at the ice show! I have been getting a lot of questions about where all the pics of HJ are. Let me show you why there aren't many. Every time I put the camera up to my face he goes and does something silly. He just can't be still and smile!

Another Soccer Saturday!

I am so far behind in posts, it is not even funny. However, the end is in sight for ebay! Then it will be back to regular blogging. I can't wait to be done!

Two Saturdays ago, we had another soccer day. I got to go to both kids games as HJ's wasn't during nap time. So now, I will post pics from his game since I didn't get any the last soccer Saturday! HJ is so aggressive with the ball and really gets in there with the action. He also has a wonderful grasp on the game and doesn't steal from his team mates. He even tries to pass the ball! I think being small makes him try even harder. He is so fun to watch!

This is him before the game, warming up and showing off!

He tries so hard and plays so well!

Here are both kids right after their respected games. Look at those red cheeks! It was so hot that day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soccer Saturday

So, CG had her first soccer game ever yesterday. Let me tell you, it was a riot! Imagine 8 little 3 year old girls on a soccer field playing 4 on 4. At any given time, AT LEAST one girl is bawling, three are oblivious to what is going on, and maybe, maybe, three are aware that this is a soccer game and you are supposed to be chasing the little black and white ball. It was hilarious! Oh, and also on the field is about one parent per girl either drying tears, trying to talk the child into playing, or telling their daughter what to do. KJ is so, so proud that his daughter played the entire game without tears AND seemed to get the purpose of why she was there! However, it does help when one's Daddy is right there to remind her and tell her what to do with every step she takes. CG seemed to really get it and made a great effort, even scoring a goal! So enjoy the pics of her first game! She seemed to really enjoy playing it.

In the above couple of shots, CG is making her way to the goal and in the above one, she shoots and scores! Notice Daddy, cheering and encouraging her the whole way!

I love the above picture of CG running and dribbling the ball. Every time she dribbles the ball, she put her hands out to her sides. I don't know what the purpose of that is but she does it every time!

This picture doesn't have much to do with CG's soccer except that it was taken at her game and it is now one of my all time favorites of my little man. He was leaning over and touching his toes and I called his name and this is the priceless shot I got. I love it!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Still Here

Yes, we still have a dog! Although, she is incredibly confused as to where her constant companions have disappeared to a lot of the week. She is used to having them around to play with all the time and when they aren't here she kind of mopes around. She then seems to decide that I am boring and flops down to wait for me to do something exciting. It is kind of sad to see her miss her buddies! However, she is still super cute. Those ears kill me!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am tired! We survived our first super busy week with both kids back in school and me going to meetings. I have volunteered to be the room Mom for HJ's class this year and am also on the Hospitality committee for the school. With the year just starting, everyone had to get caught up on responsibilities, etc!
CG started preschool for the first time. She is loving it and can't wait to go each day. The school has a Noah's Ark theme this year and her class is the Elephants. I think she has been watching HJ go to school for 2 years now and she is excited to see what it it all about. She did not cry or anything when I left her the first day and was so excited to tell me about her day when I picked her up. She is definitely handling it better than her Momma who can't believe she is already old enough for preschool! I miss her terribly when she is not home. CG goes to school MWF.
HJ goes WRF. It is kind of an odd schedule but when I figured out I get one day a week home alone with each one separately I was really excited. I haven't had consistent time alone with HJ in 3 years! I pray it will be a sweet bonding time for us this year as this is his last year home before he starts kindergarten. I hope not to have to do to many chores or errands the days I am home with the kids alone. I want that to be a special fun time for them.
HJ absolutely loves school and his teachers are amazing! We were truly blessed to have been led to this school. We love it there.
Well I am off to start another busy week. Posts will probably still be pretty sparse due to my trying to get ebay auctions listed and such but I hope in a few weeks to be back to regular postings! The pics above are CG on her first day. She was so happy!