Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye

This week saw the passing of my Granddaddy. He has been sick with liver disease for awhile and was admitted into the hospital last week and died on Sunday. My only memories with him were happy ones, as I can't remember a time he was upset or unhappy. Granddaddy just always seemed so genuine. I think that is the lesson I take most with me from his life. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever know. He never cared what anyone thought but just tried to live his life right and treat others right. That genuine love, respect, acceptance and truth he gave everyone, is in my opinion, his legacy. I can definitely take a page from his life and try to remember that it doesn't matter what others think of me as long as I am living for God. That is something I struggle with daily and just seemed to come naturally to him.
Granddaddy was also so content! He always seemed absolutely happy and content with what he had, never seeming to look and yearn for something else, just was happy to have what was his. I think that is something so many of my generation struggle with and can learn so much from the older generation, including myself. His sweet presence filled with quiet life lessons will surely be missed as I didn't even realize what he was teaching me until it came time to reflect on his life. Isn't that just the way it is with so many things? Isn't it so sad that I didn't realize how much his quiet life lessons and presence resonated with me, so that I could have told him? I hope he knows!
Some of my favorite childhood memories involve his hugs. He gave the best hugs! He would completely wrap you up in his strong arms and lift you off the ground while swinging you around. It was a safe, secure place to be and so filled with the absolute certainty that this man thought I was so special. There just aren't many people in life that give you that kind of absolute acceptance and love! Some of the smells that bring back childhood are his too. He always smoked a pipe when I was growing up (he quit quite a few years ago). Now, whenever I smell a pipe, it brings back fond memories of times spent with him whenever we would visit.
I will surely miss my sweet Granddaddy and hope he know how much he meant to me and how much I love him. I am so glad his suffering has ended. I love you Granddaddy! God Bless you and Keep you!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Only In Nashville...

does your son get to play basketball against Steve McNair's son!

KJ snapped this picture last night with his phone at HJ's basketball game against Steve's son. He was the only one of the Dad's to have the nerve to ask Steve if he could take his picture. All the other Dad's were jealous and they all spent the evening staring at Steve like little girl's would at Britney Spears.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beach Dog

So we took Molly with us to the beach. I am now convinced that dogs and people must have an inbred love of the beach and water. She just adored going to the beach and was instantly a beach dog. She literally could not get enough of it. She would race through the surf and tide pools as fast as she could go. I swear it looked like she was smiling the whole time! Her favorite thing to do on the beach was chase HJ. They were a pretty cute pair. I am glad we got to take her as it was a lot of fun just watching her. She kept us all entertained with her beach antics. Unfortunately I didn't get many pics of her racing around because she is just too darn fast! Before I could get the camera pointed in her direction, she was off in a different one. Anyway, the pics below aren't great because I couldn't get close enough to them without them running away but they give you an idea of the fun had!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

HJ's Girl

So we think HJ may be in love. Not that he would say it in those words, nor would we even want him to think that way or introduce the idea of that to him. However, there is this little girl in his class. She was in his class last year too and was held back for the same reasons we held HJ back. So they have been around each other for awhile but it is just this year that he noticed her. Apparently they are inseparable in class. HJ talks about her all the time at home. He likes her because she is "cool." She doesn't like "any of that princess stuff" the other girls like. She is fun because she likes football and sports and is rough and tumble. She can hang with the boys and HJ just adores her. She is also very artistic and appeals to HJ's creative side too. I think it is cute how much he talks about her. Well apparently the feeling is mutual according to her Mom. So after school got out, but before Christmas, we had this little girl over to play. It was cute to see HJ play with her. He was very indulgent of her and wanted to do whatever she wanted to do. Anyway, I don't know how long the infatuation will last but it is cute!

*The picture above was snapped at our house when she came over.*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

This was one of the sweetest holidays we have had. It started with celebrating an early family Christmas in Nashville on Christmas Eve. We then moved the party to Knoxville for a couple rounds of extended family Christmases. It was a lot of fun seeing family! CG and HJ enjoyed spending time with cousins playing football, hide and seek, and dress-up!
On the 26th, KJ's parents let us use their beach condo for a much needed family get-away! KJ has been working endless hours for the past three months. He has averaged about 150 hours a week! It has been crazy. After the deadline was met on Dec. 23rd, his boss told him to go home and not to come back until January 5th! So we got to enjoy some much needed family time at the beach reconnecting and having fun with no responsibilities or agendas. We are all back in Nashville rested and refreshed. Now if only my dryer was not broken so I could tackle the laundry!!! Thanks R & G for letting us use your condo, you guys are the best!