Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Sick Day

Well HJ has been very pitiful all day. It is so obvious he does not feel good. It is breaking my heart! He woke up in good spirits but right after eating a few bites of breakfast he got sick all over the couch and rug. That meant it was time to break out the handy steam cleaner!!! All that turned into a project because we didn't have the right cleaner and KJ had to take the whole thing apart and clean it too.
HJ spent the whole day laying around wherever he is, be it on the floor or in Mommy and Daddy's bed. He has been pitiful but cute!
In other news, when KJ went to the store to buy cleaner, he bought us a new vacuum. We have central vac in the house we are in now but our new house does not have that. After much research and borrowing our neighbors Dyson vac we decided on the Dyson. When I borrowed Jamie's Dyson I was absolutely disgusted and amazed in all the stuff the Dyson sucked up even after vacuuming with the central vac. I have to say it is an amazing vacuum if you want to see all the stuff you have been living with!