Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disney on Ice

Two Saturdays ago, we took the kids to see Disney on Ice at the Sommet Center. HJ was just excited to go to where the Predators play but CG was ecstatic to be going to see the show. (HJ soon got super excited about the show once it started!)

While we were at soccer, some of the other parents told us that a lot of little girls had on princess dresses at the show. CG was thrilled for the opportunity to wear hers. When I took her pictures, she actually preened and posed, all by herself. I have never seen her do that before (all without any prompting or directions for me). She was just enjoying the picture taking process in her princess gown!

At the preshow, they had all the princess dresses set up to look at. Here is CG in front of the Belle dress.

And of course, I must include a picture from the show!

Here is a picture of HJ at the ice show! I have been getting a lot of questions about where all the pics of HJ are. Let me show you why there aren't many. Every time I put the camera up to my face he goes and does something silly. He just can't be still and smile!


Jennifer said...

C is sooo cute and precious!

The Davis Family said...

Totally cute little chick! I'm not so sure I'm ready for this stage yet though!

John R said...

I now know what Kevin looks like in a yellow princess dress.

Berry Cute...