Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soccer Saturday

So, CG had her first soccer game ever yesterday. Let me tell you, it was a riot! Imagine 8 little 3 year old girls on a soccer field playing 4 on 4. At any given time, AT LEAST one girl is bawling, three are oblivious to what is going on, and maybe, maybe, three are aware that this is a soccer game and you are supposed to be chasing the little black and white ball. It was hilarious! Oh, and also on the field is about one parent per girl either drying tears, trying to talk the child into playing, or telling their daughter what to do. KJ is so, so proud that his daughter played the entire game without tears AND seemed to get the purpose of why she was there! However, it does help when one's Daddy is right there to remind her and tell her what to do with every step she takes. CG seemed to really get it and made a great effort, even scoring a goal! So enjoy the pics of her first game! She seemed to really enjoy playing it.

In the above couple of shots, CG is making her way to the goal and in the above one, she shoots and scores! Notice Daddy, cheering and encouraging her the whole way!

I love the above picture of CG running and dribbling the ball. Every time she dribbles the ball, she put her hands out to her sides. I don't know what the purpose of that is but she does it every time!

This picture doesn't have much to do with CG's soccer except that it was taken at her game and it is now one of my all time favorites of my little man. He was leaning over and touching his toes and I called his name and this is the priceless shot I got. I love it!


Joy said...

What a fun day!!! That is truly a great shot of HJ as well!!! ;)

The Davis Family said...

awesome shot..did you get your fav. camera back?

Nashvillians Now said...

I did finally get my camera back! I am loving it again. Now I just need to find more time and some subjects who will actually look at me and do what I say!

Al Malekovic said...

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