Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Budget Busters Challenge

I have been tagged by Aimee over at Daisyeyes to participate in a Budget Busters Challenge meme. In it I have to list 5 things that cause you to break your budget.
Here are my 5:

1. The Whole Foods store here in Green Hills. I will go in there with a short list of things to get and come out with a cart full and am not sure how it happened. Everything is displayed so appealingly and is all organic and whole. Oh my gosh that place is amazing and has marketing down to a science! I want to buy everything, it all looks so good. Because of this, I have decided not to go there except for VERY special occasions. If I can't get it at my local Publix's than I really don't need it.

2. Target. I can't go in there and stick to my list. It is just not possible! Something else ALWAYS winds up in my buggy. I love that store!

3. Gymbucks at Gymboree. I can't resist shopping with such great coupons even if the kids don't need anything. I just can't let my coupon go to waste so I will go buy things there. That store is very addictive.

4. The YMCA. We pay $100 a month to be a member and then I go and add on a personal training class that you have to pay an additional fee to take. It is not exactly budget friendly but I do enjoy it and have seen some great results. That has to count for something right?

5. Kohls. I will go in there for one thing and come out $200 poorer than when I went in. Kohls has really improved their clothing lines and I love browsing there for myself and of course the kids. I love their 2/$10 play clothes for the kids. Kohls is also a great place to buy exercise wear as it is pretty reasonable. However, the cost goes way up when you buy more stuff than the exercise clothes you went in there to buy.

Okay, I think that is my top 5 budget busters. Can you tell I like to clothes shop???? I have a problem!

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