Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Green Smoothies

Okay I am going to share something with you that many of you may find pretty gross, but it is working for the kids and I. For the past week and a half, I have been making the kids and I a green smoothie everyday. Now you may at this point be asking yourself what the heck a green smoothie is and lucky for you (or unlucky as my hubby would say, he won't touch the stuff) I am going to tell you.
To make my version of a green smoothie, I take my handy dandy blender and put about a cup of frozen mixed fruit in the blender, then I add enough water to cover the fruit. Then I fill the blender all the way to the top until it can barely close with raw baby spinach leaves and kale. Then blend the heck out of all of it. Once it is blended up and you have room, I add a whole banana in and a little sugar and blend it up some more. It is important not to leave out the banana as it gives it a better more palatable texture. Then you are done and I promise it tastes pretty darn good! Good enough that my kids will drink about 10 oz each day of it. HJ will even still drink it even though he has watched me make one and seen just how many veggies go into it (I don't recommend letting your kids watch you make one until they have gotten used to drinking one.) Both my kids drink about 10 oz a day and I drink about 16 oz a day. It gives us an easy way to get a lot more leafy green veggies down! However, we all prefer drinking ours with a straw as it is pretty thick. It is also VERY green! (The picture above was taken of what is left of the smoothie I made for CG and I at lunch, the leftovers are for HJ to drink tonight with dinner as he is in school during lunch.)

If you are interested in watching a video of someone making a green smoothie you can do that here.


The Davis Family said...

ok...definitely not going to be visiting any time soon :)
things are getting a little too green over there!
but I still love you!

Joy said...

That is INTENSE!!! Wow! Way to be diligent in getting the veggie goodness into your kiddos! I cannot believe that your kiddos drink this!!! I am guessing that KJ has not even tried it...true? I would be interested to get his thoughts on the taste! ;)

Nashvillians Now said...

No, KJ won't go near the stuff. I had him all talked into trying one but when I put it in front of him he balked and said it looked like liquid broccoli and said he couldn't. But I promise guys these actually taste pretty good! HJ drinking one should tell you that. You ought to try making one, you may be surprised! I was.

The Davis Family said...

ok...all of this teasing aside, do you feel better? do you feel like you have more energy? and with watching your kid's diet intake, do you see their behavior changing?

Jennifer said...

Does it change the color of your poop? You don't have to answer that, but I am curious.

The Davis Family said...

me've been tagged by me because you need something else in your life to do and bc you tagged me before and now I return the favor :) see my blog for more info :)