Monday, April 21, 2008

Seriously Committed

What I am sure you are asking am I now seriously committed to, other than KJ? Well let me tell you I have committed to be in the Music City Du Run Run! WhooHoo! Now you are probably asking what a Du Run Run is and I will tell you. It is a race where you run 2 miles, bike 10 miles, and then run 2 miles again. It is on Father's Day.
I figured that I was ready to commit to being able to run 4 miles by Father's Day and bike 10 which is for me a lot easier than running. So I am now officially in training for my big day! The reason I committed to do this particular race is that it is all on level ground. As I know I have mentioned once or 10 times before, I am LAZY and the idea or running and biking hills doesn't do it for me. However, this race seemed like a good race to start with being that the whole thing is on level ground. Anyway, I would love some company if anybody is up for the challenge!


Are We There Yet?? said...

A duathlon...AWESOME!!! You will have so much fun! You will love it!

Are you starting to enjoy running yet? It takes a while, but it really does become enjoyable. If it hasn't happened yet it will soon.

The Davis Family said...

i'll do the biking for you :)

Joy said...

Go you!!! That is really exciting! We will be cheering for you!!!