Monday, May 19, 2008

The Best Birthday Gift

Saturday was KJ's 33rd birthday. He got lots of nice gifts. However, he said the best birthday gift he ever got came from HJ.
KJ is the assistant soccer coach for HJ's team. Since HJ is on the under 5 league, on game day they break each team into two teams and have two soccer games going on at once. The head coach coaches one and the assistant the other. Today, HJ was on KJ's team to play. This was the last game of the season and it just seemed like it all finally clicked for the players. Everyone was playing the best I have seen them play. And as for the birthday gift? HJ scored TWO goals!!! These were his first two goals. KJ was so proud and said that seeing his son score and seeing how proud HJ was of himself and how happy he was, was by far the best gift he could have gotten. The only thing was, as the coach, he had to refrain from scooping him up and swinging him around and jumping up and down. That may have been perceived as being a little over the top and playing favorites. Therefore, he gave him a small hug and big high five. I was going nuts on the side line, cheering and jumping up and down. At water break, I scooped him up and jumped up and down and hugged him really big.
My Mom had brought my visiting grandmother (from Virginia) down for the day so she could see one of HJ's games. I was happy she got to see such a big day in HJ's life! His first soccer goals of his soccer career! Unfortunately, I did not have my camera, as my Nikon digital SLR camera is broken. I am devastated about it and plan on calling Nikon today. My little purse camera can't zoom in far enough to take good pics of a fast moving soccer game.