Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Fear!

I have to say that my son is fearless! He was so excited to meet the 40 inch minimum (he is now 41 inches tall!) for almost all the rides at Disney. There are only 3 rides that I know of that he could not ride because he was too short. We were a little worried that some of the rides would freak HJ out. Not our boy!!!!
We knew he would adore Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain and he did. They were his two favorite. We thought he might get scared on the Haunted Mansion, instead he was a little bored because there are no real dips, turns, or general speed to the ride. Since he isn't allowed to watch anything scary on TV, we aren't sure he really got what was going on in the house and we had repeatedly told him it was all make-believe. KJ and I had been warned that the dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom was too scary and that we should think twice about taking HJ on it. After his lack of fear at Magic Kingdom, we decided to risk it and let him ride, after we had a long talk about everything being make-believe and that it would only look like the dinosaurs were coming at you and that they would not actually get you. He seemed to get it. He loved that ride too! He was totally not scared and wanted to ride it again. He thought it was super cool! My son has seemed to inherited his father's lack of fear which as KJ's teenage years are evidence too, does not bode well for me during HJ's teen years!

*The picture above was KJ and HJ on the river rapid ride at Animal Kingdom. This was their second go around. I am standing on the bridge overlooking the ride. Look at how wet HJ was! He LOVED it! (I wish I could have taken pics of him on Thunder Mtn and Splash Mtn.)


Jennifer said...

He's braver than I. I thought the dino ride at Animal Kingdom was scary. (so did Shae, but he won't admit it.)