Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Testosterone Craziness

When HJ scored his two goals, KJ decided to reward him with a trip to a toy store to buy something that KJ had convinced HJ that he really wanted. The reality is that KJ wanted it and HJ will go along with whatever Daddy wants. So they went to the store and came home with two of these nerf crossbow things. I have decided that they are the bane to my existence! HJ and KJ run around the house hiding around corners, trying to shoot each other with the nerf arrows. They think it is hilarious fun but I find the arrows all over the house, even in the toilet! I also still jump out of my skin with the crossbow shoots as it makes a very loud popping sound that when shot right behind you, can scare you. My hubby is just as much a kid as my son, so I see a long future in the house for the nerf crossbow. They are cute to watch though, having a blast and doing some sort of male bonding that I will never understand!


The Davis Family said...

ok...exercise, green smoothies and now crossbows flying around the house...getting kind of worried about our visit in a few weeks! :)
can't wait to see you sat either.