Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beach Dog

So we took Molly with us to the beach. I am now convinced that dogs and people must have an inbred love of the beach and water. She just adored going to the beach and was instantly a beach dog. She literally could not get enough of it. She would race through the surf and tide pools as fast as she could go. I swear it looked like she was smiling the whole time! Her favorite thing to do on the beach was chase HJ. They were a pretty cute pair. I am glad we got to take her as it was a lot of fun just watching her. She kept us all entertained with her beach antics. Unfortunately I didn't get many pics of her racing around because she is just too darn fast! Before I could get the camera pointed in her direction, she was off in a different one. Anyway, the pics below aren't great because I couldn't get close enough to them without them running away but they give you an idea of the fun had!