Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

This was one of the sweetest holidays we have had. It started with celebrating an early family Christmas in Nashville on Christmas Eve. We then moved the party to Knoxville for a couple rounds of extended family Christmases. It was a lot of fun seeing family! CG and HJ enjoyed spending time with cousins playing football, hide and seek, and dress-up!
On the 26th, KJ's parents let us use their beach condo for a much needed family get-away! KJ has been working endless hours for the past three months. He has averaged about 150 hours a week! It has been crazy. After the deadline was met on Dec. 23rd, his boss told him to go home and not to come back until January 5th! So we got to enjoy some much needed family time at the beach reconnecting and having fun with no responsibilities or agendas. We are all back in Nashville rested and refreshed. Now if only my dryer was not broken so I could tackle the laundry!!! Thanks R & G for letting us use your condo, you guys are the best!


Joy said...

Glad you guys could break away for a bit!!! It looks like you had a great trip!