Sunday, January 4, 2009

HJ's Girl

So we think HJ may be in love. Not that he would say it in those words, nor would we even want him to think that way or introduce the idea of that to him. However, there is this little girl in his class. She was in his class last year too and was held back for the same reasons we held HJ back. So they have been around each other for awhile but it is just this year that he noticed her. Apparently they are inseparable in class. HJ talks about her all the time at home. He likes her because she is "cool." She doesn't like "any of that princess stuff" the other girls like. She is fun because she likes football and sports and is rough and tumble. She can hang with the boys and HJ just adores her. She is also very artistic and appeals to HJ's creative side too. I think it is cute how much he talks about her. Well apparently the feeling is mutual according to her Mom. So after school got out, but before Christmas, we had this little girl over to play. It was cute to see HJ play with her. He was very indulgent of her and wanted to do whatever she wanted to do. Anyway, I don't know how long the infatuation will last but it is cute!

*The picture above was snapped at our house when she came over.*


Anonymous said...

got to love a cute red head! :)

Jennifer said...

Landon is obsessed over who he is going to marry. I swear he has asked, and been turned down by, every girl in his class!

Jessica said...

That is SO cute!