Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Bolder

As I am sure you have noticed, spring time is here! The trees are turning green or flowering, bulbs are blooming, and it is getting warmer. It is just beautiful outside! It is such a time of hope and renewal!
I am enjoying taking Molly on more walks now that it is warmer again. I always walk her on the same routine. For the last couple of days, I have been admiring this absolutely gorgeous yard in our neighborhood. It is full of blossoming cherry trees. The trees are absolutely beautiful. They are so full and heavy with blossoms, some of the branches are close to the ground. Every time I have walked by the house, I have thought it would be an absolutely perfect place to take pics of Callie. I could even see the pictures in my head.
Well on Friday, my desire for the pictures got the better of me. I decided to just go ring the door bell and ask if I could take pictures in their yard. I have never done something like that before but I REALLY wanted to take those pictures. So I worked up the courage to do it and did! The lady was so nice and seemed so flattered that I wanted to do that. She even walked me around her whole yard showing me other places she thought would make pretty pictures. She encouraged me to move around the wrought iron furniture and use it if I wanted to too. I am so glad that I asked! So without further ado, here are some of the spring pictures with the cherry blossoms I snapped of Callie!


Joy said...

So proud of you for being brave and courageous as it was so worth it for the wonderful pictures that you took! Thanks for sharing the beauty with us!