Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bathroom Updates

I realize it has been a long time since I have posted about all the work going on in the bathrooms of my house. This has been largely due to the fact that I have chosen to ignore all the work going on by taking two vacations and then being entirely consumed with my mother's day gift (updated Photoshop software- KJ won big points with that gift, I love it!) When I am not on the computer playing with pictures, I am outside with the kids trying to ignore the massive amounts of dust that has taken up residence in my house.
With the upstairs bathrooms, I was pretty diligent about cleaning up the dust everyday and really it did not last long as they weren't big projects in the grand scheme of home remodels. It was manageable and I thought "why does everybody fuss about dust so much during home remodels?" Well I found out why when our master bath was completely gutted! There is dust everywhere and on every surface of my house on the main level (our master is on the main level). I have basically given up fighting it and have chosen to live with it. Seriously, I can dust and then 1 hour later there is a film of dust on everything again! I am not kidding. It is crazy! The master bath demo happened while we were in Disney and it has been fun to daily watch the progress of the room turning back into a bathroom. When we came home from Disney, the room looked like new construction, as most of the sheetrock had been removed and the walls were down to the studs. We moved into the remodeled hall bath upstairs (which I will take pictures of once we move out and there is not stuff everywhere as it is a small bath. It turned out beautiful though!). The kids bath looks great too. I am just waiting on the mirror to be hung. I finally decided on one last week. Drew will hang it when he is not focused on the master or I am trying to talk my hubby into doing it. So pics will come of it once the mirror is hung!
Anyway, I finally decided to take notice of what is going on in the master bath as it is finally coming together and starting to take shape with tile and such, so I snapped some quick pics to share! I am so tickled with the way the tile in the shower looks. We found this really cool tile pattern at the tile store and Drew is repeating it on one of the walls in the shower. It is looking amazing! I am also thrilled with the cabinets that are somewhat in. Aren't they pretty? The color of wood they are is java, which sounded too yummy to pass up! As you can see from the pics we still have a ways to go before we can move back it. I am just too thrilled with the tile and cabinets to pass up sharing!