Friday, June 6, 2008

By the Grace of God

I just ran 20 minutes without stopping for a walking break!!! You would have to realize that a short time ago, I could barely run a minute without stopping to know what an accomplishment this is for me. I am so excited to see that I could do that and I know it is only by focusing my sight on God that I did it because it is not in my nature to push myself past discomfort. Trust me it was super hard but it is such a high to know that I can do it!

*Those aren't my feet, they were downloaded from google.*


Are We There Yet?? said...

Congrats!!! Doesn't it feel great? I told you that you would improve quickly. It really is amazing how quickly endurance increases!

How is the cycling training going for the duathlon? I really struggled on the bike in my first triathlon, so I've been trying to bike a lot recently. It's really hard to ride a bike fast for that far!!

Joy said...

Way to go!!! That is so awesome!!!

The Davis Family said...

whoopee! when is the big race?