Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Longer a Baby

Back in March, I blogged about my feelings about losing my baby to boyhood. I feel like today it is really official. HJ turned 5 today. Five sounds so old to me. When you are five you are old enough to go to school and really marks the end to babyhood. I just can't believe my son is five. These first five years have gone by so fast and have been so precious. I am excited though to see the boy he is becoming and to enter this new phase of life that involves doing and going much more than the first five. We can do so much more with HJ now, that going places is exciting and fun for all of us. This birthday is bittersweet for me though as it officially ends babyhood and begins boyhood.
We celebrated HJ's birthday with his friends and grandparents on Saturday at a really fun, cool place called Glow Galaxy. Apparently in Nashville and the surrounding area, you can find anything and everything to do for a birthday. HJ had gone to a birthday party here earlier in the year and would not consider having his party anywhere else. It is a really cool place that has lots of huge inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and moon walks (not to mention putt-putt and a cool interactive dance floor) but it all glows under black lights. It is uber cool! We all had a blast watching HJ play with his friends on everything. I enjoyed not having to do anything but sit back and enjoy the party! Unfortunately, with my camera broken, I did not get many good pics. The little pocket cameras just don't take good pics in the dark! The group pic above is as good as it gets.

Today, we woke HJ up with a family sing of Happy Birthday. I made his favorite breakfast of pancakes. We will go to his pick of places tonight to eat. I think he wants pizza. It will be a small celebration in comparison to Saturday, but sweet.

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet, sweet boy! I am so proud of the boy you are becoming. Your compassion toward others inspires and awes me. Your intelligence blows me away everyday. Your love for life is a joy to behold. Your love for your Lord and Savior and hunger for his word humbles and inspires me. Having the blessing of you in my life is one of my greatest joys. I love you more everyday and am so proud to be your mother!


Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday little man! we are excited to celebrate with you a little more this weekend and so excited to be a part of watching you grow up.

Are We There Yet?? said...


I can't believe that he's five! The past five years sure have flown by!!