Thursday, June 19, 2008

S'mores and Lightening Bugs

We had the pleasure of going to KJ's college pastor's house for dinner last night. It was a wonderful celebration of summer. They have gotten a fire pit so the kids got to roast hot dogs over it and then later s'mores! They had a ball with it and brought back fun memories of camping while creating new ones with good friends. CG was so funny eating the smore's, as chocolate is her passion in life, so she picked out the gooey chocolate bar from the smore and ate it first and then went back and ate the marshmallow/graham cracker sandwich.
After dinner, we let all the kids stay up late and run around the backyard catching lightening bugs. It was HJ and CG's first time catching lightening bugs, as they are usually in bed before it gets really dark. They both had a blast and have asked to do it all again tonight. A perfect, almost poignant, summer night!


The Davis Family said...

so, so jealous of all the time you are getting to spend with dp and g!! :)

Julie said...

Your kids are so cute.... I am a Chattanooga native now living in Georgia. How do you like Nashville?

I found you from Sandy's (reluctant entertainer) blog.

It's nice to meet you.