Monday, June 30, 2008

The Nashville Flea Market

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting some dear friends of ours! We had a great time visiting, playing, slipping and sliding, Guitar Heroing, and eating. On Saturday, Aimee and I ventured out without the kids to the Nashville flea market. Before kids, I loved going to places like this in good ole K-town and I was not disappointed with this flea market! It was huge and there was so much to see (we were told it was a light flea market so I can't imagine a heavy one!) It would take you many days to feel like you had seen everything and we only stayed for a couple hours. It was so much better than any I had been to in Knoxville. I got a great deal on some vintage pyrex with glass tops to continue replacing my plastic food storage. Aimee got some great deals on a wooden doll cradle for her little girl, a croquet set, and some books. Looking around makes you realize how much junk has been produced over time and how ones man's treasure is another's junk! I so wish I would have remembered my camera to take pictures of some of the funnier things we stumbled upon for sale but alas I did not. I guess I will have to remember it for next time! I will definitely go back and I really hope Aimee will come back in October for the biggest month of the Nashville flea market!

After the flea market, Aimee and I ventured to historic downtown Franklin. I have always wanted to go and poke around there and was so glad to get to! We visited an amazing fabric store that puts a certain nice fabric store in Ktown to shame on selection and prices. It would take hours to go thru all their amazing fabric. I will definitely be taking my Mom there next time she visits this way. I saw plenty I would love to have turned into cute clothes for my little clothes horse! We also ate lunch in a great little restaurant: H.R.H. Dumplin's. We had a wonderful girly morning and afternoon!


The Davis Family said...

I agree with it all. It was a great morning! Can't wait to go back again and do it all over!

Are We There Yet?? said...

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT time!!

Is your race this weekend??? You ready?

Nashvillians Now said...

My race was awhile ago. I wasn't ready so I did not run it. Due to a lot of family issues and some fun traveling, I did not get to train as hard as I should and did not want to do it knowing I probably wouldn't be able to finish it.

Oh well! I will pick something else to do soon now that life has slowed down. I am still running almost everyday and working out so I am only getting stronger and having more endurance!

Thanks for asking!