Thursday, October 30, 2008

It is so sad

At HJ's school they have fire and tornado drills. That is completely understandable as those are natural disasters. We even did those when I was in school. However, now there is a whole new drill that is just heartbreaking to me in its need. They call it the bad guy drill. It is practicing what to do should someone make it inside his school with the intent to hurt. His school has a great security system in place but just the fact that we are in a place in society where this new type of drill is a need, breaks my heart.


Anonymous said...

we used to do those all the time when I was teaching in NC...but we never called them "bad guy" drills. That is really freaky! We had codes...code red, yellow and blue. But it is weird to explain why we are crouching down in the corner far away from windows.