Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Randomness in My Day

My friend Aimee over at Daisyeyes, tagged me awhile ago for a fun little meme. The tagged person is supposed to list 7 random or weird facts about themselves. I am just now getting around to doing mine. So without further ado and just in case you don't think I am weird or random enough, here are my 7 facts.

1. I used to have my Ham radio (or amateur radio) license. It was actually something that was more or less forced onto me. You see, my Dad used to be big time into Ham radio. Growing up we even had a huge tower antenna in our backyard. (Yes my Dad was a nerd, something I think he would have freely admitted and been proud of). Anyway, I turned 16 well before cell phones were a common thing and my Dad wanted to make sure I was safe and had a way to get in touch in case of an emergency, should one arise when I was driving. So in order to get my driver's license, I had to get my ham radio license. Therefore, after 2 or 3 tries and lots of protests, I received my Ham radio license and the call sign KE4OHO. I even got a ham radio in my ultra cool Pontiac Bonneville car. Yes, I was uber cool in high school!
Anyway, my license expired after 10 years and I declined to renew it. So I am no longer licensed to talk on the Ham radio, should I even know where one was or how to turn it on.
Also, in case you were wondering, I did have to use the Ham radio once to call my Dad because one of my tires went flat and being the pansy I am, had not a clue what to do about it. You can be sure I was glad I had a way to get ahold of my Dad then!

2. I got a scholarship to college because of my Ham radio license. Apparently, it is pretty rare for teenage girls to have a Ham radio license (shocking, I know) and I received the female scholarship to my choice of schools.

3. I can not stand for anyone to touch my face. I think this goes again back to puberty when I had bad acne (acne, a Ham radio license, and a Bonneville, do not an uber cool girl make). Anyway, the doctor warned me that dirt and oil from hands could make it worse, so I became obsessive about it and still am to this day. I don't even want the kids touching my face. Sad and weird, I know.

4. I no longer watch TV (not even HGTV). I used to love TV, however, I am not sure what has happened but I have no interest in any shows anymore. I will watch The Office with KJ but that is all he can get me to watch with him. I would much rather read. I am really not even interested in movies anymore. I am always disappointed after I watch one so I don't really enjoy them either.

5. I have developed a love for baking. So much so, that it has become a way I deal with stress. It relaxes me so much and soothes my soul. If I am stressed, you can be sure I will be in the kitchen baking something. My favorite thing recently, has been experimenting with different yeast breads and dough. I am loving trying out new recipes and seeing what works for me and my family. I also love making old favorites healthier with whole wheat and grain flours. Baking has become a major stress reliever for me!

6. I have mentioned this one before on my blog but it probably fits well with this meme. I drink and make my kids drink a green smoothie almost everyday. They taste good and are so good for you!

7. I collect raku animal pottery. It is fun, wierd, eclectic, and colorful and I just love it! I can't help but smile every time I look at one of the pieces I own. I currently have a goony bird, a blow fish, and a cat (not much of a collection, but it is a start). It is expensive but so fun. I hope to get a dog next. Below is the picture of my goony bird.


Anonymous said...

I feel so enlightened..the things I didn't know about you! The ham radio is pretty funny! The t.v. thing is happening to me too. I'm getting pretty annoyed and aggravated and just plain bored with it.

Jennifer said...

I loved your list. Ham Radio?! That is hilarious. And I have been a baking fool, too. I did 2 pies yesterday and 2 batches of cinnamon rolls last weekend. Although I'm not as healthy as you. Thanks for the fun post.