Thursday, December 13, 2007

Celebrities in Nashville

Well since moving to Nashville, I have been asked to keep a running tally of the celebrities we have seen. I have already seen two!

The first was at The Grinch ice show. After you get through the ice thing, they hand the kids oreo cookies. CJ was eating hers when this really well dressed lady came up and said to me that CJ was getting crumbs all over her pretty coat and then reached in her purse and wiped her face with a tissue! I didn't really pay attention to what she looked like, but KJ was staring dumbly at her when she turned back to her family. He whispered to me that she was famous. So then I looked at her and realized it was Barbara Mandrell!! We looked her up and it was definitely her. She was there with her daughter (a picture of her daughter is on her website and I guess her grandkids). So that was fun!

The next celebrity I saw was in the Brentwood Target. I used to watch Days of Our Lives (I don't anymore) but I saw an actress that used to be on Days. CJ was running down the main aisle of Target and almost plowed into her buggy. She bent down and said hi to her and then smiled at me. I was staring at her trying to figure out how I knew her when it came to me who she was. I looked her up on the web and her name is Melissa Reeves and she does live in Nashville.

So there you go with the celebrity sightings, I will keep you posted as I see them! CJ seems to be my celebrity magnet.


Former Nashvillian said...

Hi! That's awesome that you ran into Barbara Mandrell like that. I just wanted to let you know that she does not have any grandchildren yet. Her oldest son, Matt, has been married for a year but has no children yet. Her daughter, Jaime, isn't married yet so I am not sure what children she had with her? Oh well.
I used to live in Nashville (for 5 years) and used to enjoy running into the country music celebrities all over town., They are the sweetest people!!! Have fun!