Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friends come to stay!

Well the weekend after Thanksgiving, our good friends came to see us and stay for the weekend! It was their weekend off from their job as house parents at a ranch home for girls. I am so glad they chose to come see us. We had a wonderful weekend!
The Friday they got here, we went to the Ice show. It is a huge exhibit made entirely of ice. This year's theme was The Grinch. It was pretty amazing! They give you these heavy coats to wear because it is 3 degrees inside. You can't believe how amazing it was thinking it was all made of ice. However, the kids don't really have the ability to appreciate the time and talent that has to go into creating this. They raced through running to get to the ice slides. There is a huge room set up with 2 huge slides made of ice. HJ and CJ loved it and each went down twice. Caroline and Calla were a little leary of it.
So we raced through the rest of it. $60 for about 15 minutes of fun, what a deal!!!!!!! I wanted to get more pics and started taking some but a worker told me the extreme cold could break my camera lens so I quickly put it away!

After the ice show we walked to the Opryland Hotel and had dinner and walked around looking at all the decorations. It is a pretty amazing place!

On Saturday, Christy and I went shopping. She wanted to check out the fun stored here in Nasvhille like Pottery Barn kids, Macy's, Janie and Jack, and Sephora. So that was fun!

They had to leave Sunday but not before Steven helped KJ hang some pictures!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

Having friends come visit really makes the house feel like home!