Thursday, December 13, 2007

Closing and Moving

We closed on our house on Nov. 15. I drove down for the closing and turned around and drove home after the closing. KJ and his Dad stayed for the whole weekend and painted ALL WEEKEND long! They got a ton done.
The master bedroom had been blue (a really pretty blue as the previous owners had a brown and blue color scheme in the master), however, our color scheme is khaki, black, and white. So KJ and Robbie painted it a dark khaki. It is darker than I have gone before and I love it! Keep in mind with our house, that every single ceiling is painted a coordinating or matching color as the wall. So they had to paint the ceiling (3 coats) in each room they painted. I love the painted ceiling look (so does KJ, unless he is painting over it!)
They also painted the guest room (it was sage and is now light khaki), CJ's room (was lavendar and is now green), the kids bathroom (was yellow and is now green), and we still have the upstairs hall bath to paint (it is sage and needs to be khaki). We will get to that after the holidays. Having to paint the ceilings in every room adds a whole level of difficulty and time to each task!!!! However, the finished product looks great! I will post pics soon.

On Monday, I got up early and drove down and the movers moved us in! It took all day long! All I accomplished that Monday was getting the kitchen pretty much unboxed. Our house was filled from floor to ceiling with boxes in almost every room. It was a crazy sight.

Mom brought the kids down on Tuesday and we got their rooms put together and with her help a ton done.

On Thursday, we left the moving mess and came home for Thanksgiving. We came back on Saturday.

Since then, we have the main living area all unboxed and put away. Not all the pics are hung but we are getting there slowly. Hanging pictures is the last thing Kevin wants to do when he comes home from work. So it may be after Christmas before we finish that.

Now the basement is a complete disaster zone! That is just going to take time to go thru and organize. Hopefully, when KJ is off work for the holidays we can get started on that. It is completely overwhelming!

I will try and take pics soon of the house put together and post them. It is turning out nicely!