Thursday, December 13, 2007


This move to Nashville has definitely been a huge change (this for someone who does not like change). There have definately been many tears and I am sure there will continue to be for some time. I seem to have waves of home sickness. The first little while I was so busy that I did not stop unpacking and organizing from sun up to sun down. I didn't have a lot of time to think about it. Now, as I have more time, I am definitely home sick. I miss the comfort of Knoxville friends and family! I miss knowing how to get everywhere I need to go and I miss the utter lack of traffic in Knoxville. I miss my house and just miss the comfort of home. I know it will start to feel like home here (and it does the most when friends and family fill the house, like they did in Ktown!) I really think the holidays are the worst time to move as that is the time you want to be near friends and family most.
However, I do look forward to after the holidays when things will settle down a little and we can start getting plugged in without feeling so pulled back to Knoxville (will I ever stop feeling that pull?) I look forward to getting plugged into a church and settling into a routine.
All that is not to say that God has not blessed us tremendously! We have a house and yard I really like. We have a wonderful school for HJ. The biggest blessing to come so far is the rebuilding/renewing of a wonderful friendship with KJ's college pastor. He and his family have lived in Nashville for 10 years. DP helped to marry KJ and I, and have been an instant connection here! They immediately told us we were now to think of them like family and have not let us not think of them that way. They have brought us a meal when we were still getting settle. DP has gone with KJ to lunch and breakfast about once a week. Ginger has also insisted (and I mean won't take no) that I bring at least CJ over once a week so I can get stuff done. So I have had two days of time to myself. I have also gotten to have some wonderful conversations with Ginger when I go to her house and when they came her for brunch. She is so wise and faithful. She is a wonderful mentor and sounding board. I feel so blessed to have an instant family here. I think they must know how hard it is for people to accept help and that is why they have been so insistent, they truly are showing us God's love! That has been the biggest blessing so far and one that I thank God for daily!
I think through this whole experience God is calling me to him for a deeper and more meaningful relationship so I look forward to that developing.
Anyway, there are my rambling thoughts and updates.
Consider yourselves caught up for the most part with us! I hope to be posting frequently from now on!
Tomorrow we head back to Ktown!


The Simpson Family said...

It was great to see you all in Knoxville for Christmas!
You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you all continue to transition to a new city and a new home. Remember that God has paved the way before you!!!
Love, Kelly