Thursday, December 13, 2007

Football Star

This past football season, HJ has found his innate love of football. Almost all males seem to develop this love! It is pretty cute to see him so passionate about all things football. He especially loves the Vols but is happy watching any football that is available. (Remind you of someone you know???) He would rather watch ESPN than cartoons.
KJ and Robbie are LOVING this! So one Saturday that we were staying at their house, Robbie took HJ to JCP and bought him a UT football outfit. It has become HJ's prize possession! He now almost always has at least his helmet on and is running around the house holding a football and making up games and plays in his head. He is always telling me the score of whatever game he is playing in at the moment. His favorite thing to play with Daddy and Opa is tackle or run the ball by Daddy or Opa without getting tackled.
It is so funny to see this love of football just appear and if Daddy and Opa (and really most any man) are an indication this new love will be around for A LONG TIME!

(These pics were taken the day HJ got his outfit)