Monday, July 7, 2008

Thursday at the Farm

On Thursday, we had the wonderful privilege of going to the farm that my friend grew up on in Nashville. She is actual a friend from Ktown and we have been friends since our first born were babies as we were in a Mom's group with them. Another absolutely dear friend of mine, who was also in the same Mom's group, drove down from Ktown to join us for the day with her two kids: Miss M and little T. Her sweetness and generosity at doing that just made my day! Both women had to miss my birthday party so it was such a treat to spend time with them, especially here in Nashville! HJ thought it was awesome that his friends were here in Nashville. I absolutely love that he can just pick up where he left off with them as if no time ever passed since he last saw them.
We were all blown away with the farm! What an absolutely amazing place to grow up! It is over 300 acres (right in Nashville near everything!). They have a pool, horses, barns, llamas, miniature ponies, donkeys, cows, turkeys, and fish. It was like paradise for the kids. It was so fun to watch the kids play in the pool, explore the farm (on golf carts, how fun!), see the animals, and just have an awesome time together. I had a wonderful time catching up and hanging out with two dear friends! The good news was that we got to hang out quite a bit with my friend from Nashville, as they were in town for the week visiting family so you will see some more pics in coming blogs on some more time with them and their daughter Miss L.

Friends since birth: HJ, Miss L, and Miss M

Ready to head to the pool! The kids loved driving around on the golf cart all over the farm.

Can we please get in the pool already????

Checking out and petting the miniature ponies and the donkeys. They were a little pushy as they thought we might have treats and were very disappointed to find out we didn't. We were also playing, How many people fit on a golf cart?" The answer is 4 adults and a lot of kids!

I am not sure who these strangers are???

Pure Sweetness!

What better way to spend the day than playing with awesome friends in the pool?

HJ and CG watching the cows and mowing at them trying to get them to come closer. The cows were very leary of us and wouldn't come near the fence.

HJ, CG, and Miss L standing in front of the Casa de la Llama (or the llama barn!) Unfortunately, we did not get any pics of the actual llamas.

The girls hiding from HJ in a fun game of hide and seek!


Jennifer said...

The farms there are so much more sophistacated than they are here. It looked like you had a great time. Has K always had a beard?

Nashvillians Now said...

He has had a beard for a couple years now. We both like it!