Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 Weeks

Well we have had a dog now for 2 weeks! It has been a lot of work but actually a lot of fun for the most part. The kids are really bonding with her but are not too crazy about her teething tendencies. We are working with her consistently about not using her teeth on us (she never bites down but does like to put her mouth on your arm). Sometimes she remembers and sometimes not. We are also trying to be consistent about the jumping on people thing. She gets so excited she jumps. Hopefully, over time and maturity she will figure it all out. Another "fun" thing I have had to deal with is that on Wednesday, I let her out to go potty and romp in the yard before we left to go to the YMCA only to have to chase her down to get her and then find out she stunk and had rolled in dog poop! Yuck! I took her in and straight to the bath which caused us to be late to the YMCA. We are also realizing that leaving the house for a whole day requires hiring someone to come let her out and play with her 3 times a day! On Monday, while the kids and I were in Splash country and KJ at work, we hired our teenage neighbor to come 3 times to let her out and play with her. It is not as carefree a life style as 2 weeks ago. However, the kids and KJ are completely smitten and I admit she has wormed her way into my heart too!
She is still sleeping thru the night. That is a major praise. She sleeps from 10pm to 7am with no noise or accidents! She has had 3 accidents in the house (during the days), thankfully all found early and none poop! She hasn't had one in about a week so maybe she has got the whole concept of going outside and I think we are better at reading her signals. She is still a super sweet dog who just loves all of us (and anyone else she meets) and wants to play a lot.
She loves to play outside with the kids and neighbor's dog. The kids have even taught her to go down the slide. She seems to really like to do it and goes over and over again. It is pretty funny!
She also still likes to snooze on the air vents. She is super cute sleeping! These pictures are of her worn out from playing outside this morning with the kids, enjoying the cooler air.


The Davis Family said...

totally cute!...but I admit I'm not ready for all that extra work. Although the bonding with you and the kids is surely worth it! :) can't wait to meet her.

Joy said...

I love that she goes down the slide! That is the best!!!

Jennifer said...

What kind of dog is she again? And how much does she shed? We are wanting to get a dog come next spring, but we are leaning toward a weiny dog (I can't spell Dauschand).