Wednesday, August 6, 2008


There is one thing that I had never before experienced before we moved to Nashville. That would be the wonderful, relaxing, fun time you can have when you go back into town for a visit. We get taken to favorite restaurants (P.F. Changs!) and I get to have a completely stress-free time. You guys that live near your parents don't get to experience what it is like to visit and stay with your Mom. I never have to pack much because she has all mine and the kids favorite toiletries there waiting for me. She has her house kid friendly with all their favorite toys out and waiting to be played with. The fridge and counters are stocked with our favorite foods. She always even remembers to have my Diet Dr. Peppers for me in the plastic containers because I don't like the taste of it out of a can (I know I am weird). When KJ joins me his drink favorites are there waiting for him too. Do you want to know the best part is though? She sends me (or us, if KJ is with me) out without the kids to be by myself (ourselves) shopping or hanging out! Do you have any idea what a treat that is for me now that we live away from our free (ie: grandparents) babysitters. It feels like heaven to go out and spend all the time I want browsing around stores and bookstores. Then when I come back the kids are in bed and Mom and I get to sit around talking or reading. It is so relaxing and stress free. Then when it is time to leave she sends me off, with her house in kid created disarray, saying that she will take care of it all when we leave and not to worry a bit about it. I love it and am so grateful for Moms and in-laws that make visits pleasurable! Coming home is almost like a trip to a spa for me: no cleaning, cooking, meal planning, or bed time duties! I just love being able to relax and be pampered and taken care of!


Are We There Yet?? said...

Yep. This is what B and I have always liked about being away from our parents (although sometimes it stinks). We spend much more quality time with them now that we have to spend the night in their house when we visit. And I is so much less stressful!

Jennifer said...

I am leaving tomorrow for my in-laws and can't wait to be pampered. They treat me like their own. No worries when I'm there. They practically beg me to leave the house so they can babysit. Isn't it great having wonderful families. We really are blessed and I'm glad you had such a nice time.

Jennifer said...

PS. please post more pics of your dog. I love her.