Friday, August 8, 2008

Could It Be Any Nicer?

Today is such a wonderful gift from God!! It is 84 degrees out, sunny, and hardly any humidity. It is such a change from our 100 degree, high humid weather we have had for the past few weeks. One could almost say it is starting to feel like fall! It is just perfect out and we have been outside almost all day. Although, we were inside long enough for my daughter to overflow the toilet causing massive amounts of water to spill out of the toilet and into the whole bathroom and first two feet of her bedroom but that is a story for another time. I would prefer to focus on the beautiful weather and forget that ever happened, thank you very much!

*Would you like to make something out of the fact that my daughter is still in her pajamas at 10am in the morning? I didn't think so!!!!!*


The Davis Family said...

it truly was a beautiful day...made me wish so much for fall and open windows and crisp mornings! but alas, we still have to get through september!

Jennifer said...

Pj's at 10!? Just kidding, that happens to us all the time. But alas, the long, lazy mornings will be coming to an end for us when pre-k starts on Wednesday.