Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are we Crazy?

KJ and I have committed to go on this kayak trip in October. We are going with 10 other people who all know each other and we only know one other couple. I think it will be a lot of fun but a lot of exercise that sounds suspiciously like work. My friend Hope and her husband are the couple going that we know. She is super excited about it as is KJ, in fact she booked the trip back in February when she read an article on it in the March 2008 Southern Living (Tennessee section, page 6). She went ahead and booked a full trip for 12 and are now rounding up the 10 people to go. Her husband Geoff and I are thinking it sounds like fun but an awful lot of work! Hopefully, it will have cooled down quite a bit by October! Also, my idea of camping is in a trailer with my own bathroom, I am not even sure there will be a real bathroom. The good thing being married to a wanna be comedian is that he can make any situation funny, so I am sure it will be alright, right?


Joy said...

Well, at least the "camaraderie around the camp fire" sounds nice! ;)

The Davis Family said...

you know that larry almost drowned when he went kayaking with your hubbie :)
just had to throw that one in friends went on this huge kayak trip in Wyoming before their baby was born and they absolutely loved it!
and joy is right...the campfire times will be nice (at least that is where I would be bc you wouldn't catch me near a kayak!)

Are We There Yet?? said...

You will have a blast! Kayaking is so much fun!