Friday, August 22, 2008

Soccer Princess

Have you ever wondered what a soccer princess would look like? You have???!!!! Well good, because I now know what one looks like. She emerged from my house yesterday afternoon to start her soccer career with her first ever soccer practice. Allow me to introduce you!

A soccer princess only wears the finest in pink soccer footwear: pink cleats. She also will only allow her legs to be graced with pink shin guards, covered by the most beautiful purple soccer socks! Aren't they gorgeous?????? Oh, and of course a princess would only play soccer with a pink and purple ball!

Now a soccer princess can not start her soccer career without making sure everyone knows she is a princess. The best way to do this is to wear a shirt that announces it to the world. Our princess choose this beautiful purple one with a pink princess hat with the word "Princess" spelled out under the hat. A princess is always subtle!

A princess also always must have appropriately fashioned hair. For soccer that would be the pony tail which this princess dawns exquisitely!

After making sure that she is properly attired for the occasion, the princess makes sure she plays with perfection, daintily kicking the ball around and trying hard to look like she knows what she is doing. She is after all a princess, she must keep up appearances.

Only when she thinks no one is looking can she let down her hair so to speak, and stick out her tongue in interesting ways, making sure no one is observing this most unroyal like behavior!


Joy said...

Who knew soccer could be so, well, pink!!! ;) Princesses always know how to go out in style!

The Davis Family said...

She looks so BIG!! oh my goodness. I was just looking at those pictures and thinking...she's really not a baby anymore :( But she sure is a cutie!

The Moon Family said...

Those pics are great! We have the same pink soccer shoes. We also have a pink soccer ball, pink shin guards, and hot pink socks. They didn't have purple socks to fit LM.

The Simpson Family said...

What cute pictures of your princess! My "princess diva" had no choice but to wear a pair of her older twin brother's cleats. She is so busy bossing her teammates around on the field that she has failed to notice that pink cleats are in fact an option for her soccer attire. I think her observant nature will jump out shortly!!!

Jessi said...

she is so cute! joce would be jealous, she wants to play soccer but is not old enough yet...maybe next year:0