Friday, August 1, 2008


Okay I have a request from all 5 of you who read my blog (and any other random people that stumble upon it :) I am curious as to what every body's most used small kitchen appliance is? I know this is completely random and weird but then so am I. You see I have been baking a ton more than I ever have before in my vow to cut grocery costs and eliminate most processed foods from our diet. Because of that, I have been using some of my small kitchen appliances more than ever and was just thinking "I wonder what everyone else uses routinely?" I know, I know, I am weird. So anyway, if you would like to humor me today, comment below and appease my curiosity.

I will start:
I use my griddle almost every other day for pancakes or french toast. I had hardly touched it in 10 years, until a couple months ago and now I use it all the time.

I use my bread machine a couple times a week. I don't actually bake in it because I don't like the way the bread comes out in it but it is awesome for mixing up dough and letting it rise. I then transfer it to a different baking pan. I will have to do a blog on some of the amazing bread recipes I am making. I won't be buying bread much ever again, unless I am in a pinch. It is really good and easy to do!

I also use my blender almost everyday for those awesome green smoothies the kids and I drink. I will also occasionally mix up fruit slushies for the kids in the morning.

Those are my top three. A close 4th would be my Kitchen Aid mixer. I probably pull it out at least once a week.

So what about you?


Anonymous said...

You are funny:
I don't have an electric griddle, just an awesome griddle pan that we got for our wedding. (William Sonoma) I use that at least every other week

Hubbie got me an awesome waffle iron for Christmas last year and I use that probably every other week.

The one thing I probably use almost daily is my Kitchen Aid mixer. I use it for almost everything and couldn't live w/o it. I'm so scared that my motor is going to die and then what will I do???? If it ever does, I'm going to move up to the biggest one and most powerful one I can get.

Joy said...

FOOD PROCESSOR!!! Love it!!! I think that I use it probably 3 plus times a week. I use it to make salsa, hummus and to chop and grate veggies. It is really my new best friend in the almost does everything. It is amazing! I actually just recently received it and I am not sure how I made it this long without it! ;) Amazing!

I also really like the tea maker which goes without saying...I think that it could be considered an appliance! ;)

Jennifer said...

First off, please tell me what pan you bake your bread in. I got a bread machine for a wedding gift (10 years ago) and have only used it two or three times because the bread always comes out looking like butt cheeks.

And I use my Kitchen Aid mixer quite a bit.

But I've recently been a pastry blender (not really a small appliance, but good for making pastry) freak because I've been making pies. Oh how we love pie.

Kristen's Raw said...

Definitely my knife and blender (I love green smoothies!). I also use my juicer daily for green juices. Cheers to healthy living :)