Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Already Started

It is that time of year again (already???). The time of year my hubby and son become fascinated and obsessed with a little brown ball made of pigskin and the teams and men/boys that play with it. It is Football time in Tennessee again! This past weekend marked the start of the Titan's football season with the first preseason game! Luckily, (as KJ and HJ see it) KJ had the opportunity to purchase season tickets to the Titans for this season. He of course jumped on it! Saturday night my boys went to the game and there was not a more excited little boy in Nashville to be found or a prouder Daddy (KJ just eats up how much HJ loves and adores football). I am glad they have this male bonding. It is so sweet to watch. However, it is going to be hectic in our house when UT football starts and we are making the trek to Ktown for the Saturday home games and then turning around and rushing home for the Titan's Sunday games. KJ and HJ can't wait!