Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bathroom Update!

Well we are almost done with the kids bathroom facelift! The countertop is in now and it looks amazing. I had such a hard time picking the counter out. We could not afford granite or solid surface for the bathroom and I wanted something a little nicer looking than the standard white cultured marble. There are a couple new counters out that look like solid surface but really are a cultured marble with stone flecks in them. These are a lot more cost effective than going with real stone or solid surface. The kicker is, I had to choose my counter top from a tiny little square the size of your palm and imagine what it would look like counter size. It was really hard!
At Lowe's I had the chance to see their version of this in a big size. I freaked out because what I thought I wanted looked pinky peach in the full size counter top (it looked beige in the sample size). Therefore, we decided to go to Home Depot and get our counter top. They had more colors to choose from and their sample sizes looked a little nicer, however, I couldn't see any of it in a full size just the little palm size sample.
Needless to say, I was holding my breath when Drew took the counter top out of the box! I was so tickled with how it turned out. It is so beautiful and rich looking! We love it! I really like the new sink for the kids too! It is all coming together so nicely. Now all that is left is to refinish the cabinet, hang the beautiful new mirror that is really a medicine cabinet (more storage!), and set the toilet. I will take more pics once all that is done. I was just so tickled with the counter and sink, I had to share!


Joy said...

Yipppeeeee! It is all coming together and looking wonderful!!!