Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tractor Time!

The very first purchase KJ made when we bought our house was a John Deere tractor. He was so excited to have a huge yard that required a riding lawnmower. I really think one of the reasons he wanted this house was so he could buy a John Deere tractor.
Well since we moved in, the tractor has sat in our garage only to make a rare appearance to amuse the children by giving them tractor rides around our yard (what can I say, we are a little weird, as I am sure the neighbors now realize!)
Well for the first time, it was time to get the tractor out for some legitimate reasons! KJ was so excited to seed and aerate the yard because it meant he could use his tractor and some of the many attachments that were purchased for it (who knew a tractor needed so many accessories/attachments, not I). He was so excited to tell me exactly how long it took to do each job and exactly how much faster it was than doing our last house by walking around. He knew down to the minute the time differences.
HJ was also excited to help Daddy with this manly pursuit! Now that spring is making an appearance, I am sure the tractor will be used many times. I am also pretty sure the novelty of using it and doing lawn maintenance will wear off as the spring and summer go by.


Jennifer said...

You are soooo lucky to have a man who does yard work! We don't even own a lawn mower - well, we do, but it's never worked. Man, I am so jealous of your man and your tractor!

The Davis Family said...

if will saw this he would be begging to come down there immediately...and you know when we do visit that's all he's going to want to do is sit on the tractor! too bad we don't have a huge yard to justify having one of those!

Nashvillians Now said...

When you come again we will do better than let your boy just sit on it. We will do lots of tractor rides around the house!

Nashvillians Now said...

How do you mow your grass without a working lawn mower?

Becca said...

Two kids, too many requests.... it made sense to me. ;) I knew what you meant, and thanks for commenting!