Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why is it...

that the day I am so tired and KJ won't be home until later my little girl decides to take the initiative and go potty all by herself with no coaxing in her little potty? You would think that would be a wonderful thing. As an isolated event it is great. However, when you combine that with her tripping over the little potty and spilling the contents all over the bathroom floor and then her deciding to wipe at the big potty with the wet wipes and taking the whole tub of wipes out of the box because she can't get one to come out, wiping with it, and throwing the huge wad of wet wipes in the potty and flushing the potty only to have it clog, it is not such a great thing. Oh, and then she waltzes out of the bathroom and goes on her merry way without telling me any of this!
This was the scene I came upon when I entered the bathroom to use it tonight. Needless to say, I was not overwhelmed with joy that CG chose tonight to start the potty training process by herself!


The Davis Family said...

at least they didn't all get stuck way down in the toilet so that you had to take the toilet off and pull them all out and then buy a new wax seal and try to put the toilet back on, only to have a pipe break and have to get another wax seal...this is why our hall bath is out of commission! yippee on the potty though!