Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A little boy and his Indian blanket

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. The little boy was like every other little boy in that he lived with his Mommy and Daddy. However, when the little boy was too sick to go to school, he got to go to a special, magical place: his Grammy's house.
At his Grammy's house, his Grammy would fix him special foods to make him feel better. She would let him watch TV to help him feel better. She would read him stories and sing to him just like every grandmother would do for their grandchild if they were to be sick at their house. However, there was one difference, you see, Grammy's house was a magical place. A place with a magical blanket called the Indian Blanket. Now the Indian Blanket only came out when the little boy was sick and only at Grammy's house. The little boy would be wrapped up or covered up with the Indian Blanket and would immediately feel better cocooned in it's magical warmth. It was a feeling of magic, safety, and wellness the little boy never forgot even as he got older and needed the blanket's magic less and less. So when the little (now grown-up) boy's Grammy gave him this magical Indian blanket when she cleaned out her house to move, the little (now grown-up) boy put the blanket in a special place in his own house, only to be gotten out on the rare occasion he is sick. And when the little (now grown-up) boy does get it out he is instantly transported back to the safety, magic, and wellness found only at Grammy's house, wrapped up in a magical Indian Blanket.


The Simpson Family said...

Oh ... that miraculous Indian blanket; I always wondered where that treasure landed! I think it found its perfect home with Kevin. Poor child was continually talked into performing dangerous stunts by his older cousin. Of course, my favorite story is when he was led to believe he was Superman and could fly out of a tree; quickly, Kevin found out that was not the case! We all loved being at Grammy's house; it was (and is) a very special place!

The Davis Family said...

hope KJ is feeling better!