Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Princess

This morning the kids were so excited to see the snow. This is the most snow Nashville has gotten since 1993 and the most snow the kids have ever seen! So I began the long process of first getting HJ dressed for playing outside in 20 degree weather. We don't have very good snow playing clothes. I have not bought the kids snowsuits or real gloves since we just never really get any real snow. So we improvise with lots of layers. All I have in the way of gloves for HJ is a pair of fleece mittens. By the time I got HJ dressed and sent him out with KJ and then got CG dressed in her many layers and out the door, HJ was crying that his hands were too cold and that he wanted to come in. To be fair, his little fleece mittens were soaked and his hands were bright red and freezing. Only my son goes out and immediately soaks his mittens!
CG is a little more timid so she did not immediately get her fleece gloves wet. She much preferred Daddy to hand her snow and let him make the snowballs than she do it. Smart girl! As she says "It's cold, you do it!"
There fore, I only have pics of my girl playing in the snow. In the first pic, she is carrying around a bug net. She was convinced she would catch some kind of snow bug. We couldn't convince her that there really weren't any snow bugs. In the others, she is playing in our little fort. She makes a cute snow princess!