Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Bathroom News

Well I had hopes to have the finished kids bathroom to proudly display by now. However, we have run into a few minor glitches (I knew there had to be some.)
Glitch #1: The refinished cabinet doors have to be redone. When Drew was refinishing the cabinet, he showed me each individual door before they were finished drying to get my approval. They all looked great individually and I was happy and blissful. Then the doors were hung on the refinished base and then I was not too happy. All the sudden the doors no longer looked antique and Old World but they looked dirty. I felt awful and did not know what to do as I had approved the doors before they were dry. Individually they looked great but when put together in a big picture they become dirty looking. So we decided to live with it a little while and see if it was just me not used to looking at the cabinet in its new form. Nope, every time I went up there, I was disappointed. So being the picture of adult maturity, I made KJ call Drew and tell him (even though I am in the house with Drew most of every weekday.) Drew very graciously said that he would redo them when he refinishes the guest bath cabinets. He also chastised me and told me to tell him from now on if something is bothering me.

Glitch #2: The mirror. At Lowes they have this great section of mirrors that are really medicine cabinets. They are all very current looking (forget the ugly medicine cabinets that we grew up with) these are really pretty and the draw was they can be hung without cutting into the wall. This is how they are all hung at Lowe's and they look great. You can't really tell they stick out.
Well, let me rephrase this, you can't really tell they stick out at the store because they cleverly did not hang any vanity lights above them. Drew hung the mirror and I loved it and then Drew hung the light and I hated it! The mirror stuck out further than the light and looked stupid So the mirror has been removed and is waiting on Drew to finish the tile in the guest bath and then he will recess the mirror into the wall. Yes, I realize the mirror could be returned and a normal one purchased but I now have my heart set on the cabinet storage behind the mirror and would be very disappointed to lose what I had for one day! So my darling, sweet husband is allowing me my storage indulgence and paying Drew extra to cut a big hole in the sheet rock to hang my precious mirror! Gotta love a man that will keep his wife happy (or keep his wife from throwing a hissy fit to get her way), either way he is a keeper!

Glitch #3 The light we bought is too big to go above my wonderful mirror. Even when the mirror is recessed in the wall, the light is to big. We are going tonight to get a new one with a coupon we got in the mail. (Thank you Lowes!) So I have no light in that bathroom to even take pics.

In other news, the tile work in the guest bath is almost done and looks incredible. I will have pics soon!