Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Face Lifts

Nope not for me or KJ but for the upstairs bathrooms. Today is demolition day for the kids bath. We have been planning and planning our bathroom face lifts that I can't believe the day it is starting is finally here!
We love our house. It is 17 years old and for the most part came to us completely updated and remodeled. There was a beautiful new kitchen, new flooring thru-out the house, and new fireplace surrounds and mantles. Even the banisters for the stairs and cat walk had been refinished. The house was beautiful!
However, the bathrooms remained untouched. The kids bathroom really isn't that bad except for one thing, there is carpet in front of the sink area. Their bathroom connects their rooms and is broken up into two rooms. The first room off of CG's room is the sink area where there is carpet (whoever thought that carpet in a bathroom was a good idea had never lived with young children!) Now the carpet in this area was new but it is still carpet and is now stained with lovely toothpaste gobs! The other room in the bathroom is where the tub/shower is and the toilet. It is tile. It is a very basic tile with a hint of grey in it. However, trying to find that tile again after 17 years is not possible. Therefore, we are having the old tile and carpet ripped up and new tile put in. The beat up vanity will be refinished in a distressed old world style and we are getting a new cultured marble top for the vanity to replace the stained and abused one that is there! We are also taking out the old mirror and replacing it with a framed mirror and new lighting. Oh and a new sink faucet! Can I just say that I did not know sink faucets could get in as bad condition as the ones in my house are. All are loose and wobbly and when they wobble too much a lovely black dirt flakes out!

So anyway, the kids bath will be started today! I am excited but a little apprehensive about the process. The kids won't be able to use their bathroom for awhile and nap time will be moved around but hopefully that won't be so bad! The picture above is the kids bath as it is now. I will post pics of the finished project when it is done!

After they finish the kids bath, they will move down the hall to the guest bath. That bathroom is having the vanity refinished in the same old world style as the kids and a new vanity top put in. It is also getting a new mirror and lighting. We had to go ahead and install the new faucet as the faucet that was in there completely gave out and was leaking everywhere and causing the black flakes to turn into black oozing goo. So we went ahead and put the new faucet in but it will be removed and put in again with the new vanity top. The tile in that bath will remain the same.

From there we head to the master! The master bath is getting a complete and total overhaul. It will be gutted and completely redone!
All of this is being done on a very tight shoestring budget but we have found that living in a big city has its perks because there are tons of places to get discount tile, fixtures, lighting, etc!!!

When the other projects get going, I will post pics of the other bathrooms before their demolition!


The Davis Family said...

how exciting! can't wait to see the end results. I know you are excited!

Nashvillians Now said...

I have my first observation about the remodeling process! Dust, dust and more dust! I wish I had known how much dust is involved in removing tile. Both kids rooms are covered in a nice film of dust. I guess I will be washing every piece of bedding in their room and washing down every single surface! It is a mess! However, it will all be worth it when I see the beautiful new updates!