Friday, March 7, 2008

A personal training experience

Back in January, I noticed these flyers around the YMCA talking about a class called Lean Motion. Basically what it is, is a class with 4 people in it, who share the cost of a personal trainer. It is a one month commitment and you get 8 classes with the personal trainer (and 3 other people). It sounded great to me and a great way to get the knowledge of a personal trainer without the high cost. I have really wanted to work with weights but don't really know how to go about it. When I went to sign up, the classes were already booked through March. So I signed up for the March class.
My first class was on Wed. I knew I was in for a world of pain when the trainer introduced herself as the hardest personal trainer the YMCA has to offer. She said we were paying good money for the class and she would be working us very hard to develop the lean motion and better fitness levels that we need. She also said that she would not be offended if I decided she was too tough and requested to be moved to a different trainer. Oh Boy! Now it should be mentioned that I am pretty horribly out of shape and haven't lifted anything resembling a weight (other than my kids) repetitively in years! I have more endurance than before due to cycling but nothing to prepare me for this. I am pretty sure this sweet lady who is my personal trainer takes great satisfaction in hearing all of us beg her for mercy! The other three women in the class have been in it since January. All of them are really pushing themselves to be fitter. One of the ladies since joining has lost 30 lbs and hopes to lose 30 more! She weighs more than me but could probably run circles around me.
This morning I was feeling so much better and did not want to miss my torture class so I went on to the YMCA. All I can say is that my abs may never recover from the torture they underwent today and I may not be able to walk tomorrow because my inner thighs may be too sore! The best part is I paid for this grueling torture (I mean workout session!)


The Davis Family said...

you are more of a woman than me!
glad that you all are feeling better.

Jennifer said...

Glad you're feeling better. I HATE working out. And you don't need to lose any weight, girl!