Friday, March 7, 2008

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

As everyone knows there is a huge difference between boys and girls! This picture taken tonight of the kids playing really emphasizes it.
CG loves shoes. The gaudier, sparklier, shinier the better! She loves to prance around the house in her princess shoes as she calls them. It is so cute to hear the little click clack, click clack of her shoes as she moves around on the hardwood floors. Knowing her love of shoes, Oma bought her a whole bag full of an assortment of dress up princess shoes for Christmas. CG loves to go thru it and pick out the perfect pair to wear with whatever she is wearing that day. Tonight she decided that the silver pair with a big silver bow with sequins on it was the perfect pair and she pranced around the house all night in them.
HJ loves sports (and has no interest or patience in princess shoes, he can barely tolerate CG asking him if he likes her shoes and thinks they are pretty)! He is super excited that soccer is starting next week. (It was actually supposed to start this week but we did not make practice due to illness and the game was cancelled tomorrow due to weather.) He loves his uniform and is now wearing that all the time around the house and kicking his indoor soccer ball around. (His indoor soccer ball is a stuffed soccer ball). He puts on his soccer shorts, shin guards, and socks and runs around playing a game in his head and coming to tell me who scored, who is playing what position, and what the score is (I am not sure where he is getting the names of all the players but I think they are from school as he plays soccer at aftercare with a whole age range of kids.) We don't have his jersey yet so he likes to wear a white shirt because it could be for any color team as he says.
Anyway, I snapped this picture of the kids being uniquely themselves tonight and thought it was to cute not to share! CG with no interest (yet) in sports and HJ with no interest in princess shoes!

*Sorry for the small pics, the local internet is jammed because so many people are on it tonight, more on that in the next post!*