Thursday, January 31, 2008

100 Days

They are celebrating 100 days of school today at HJ's school. To celebrate the kids could wear anything they wanted as long as it had 100 things (or close to it for the preschoolers) on it. (They usually have to wear uniforms and/or follow a very strict dress code). The catch is, the kids had to pick it out themselves with no parental input/help. So yesterday, when he got home from school, Hunter headed up to his room to find his outfit. As you can see above, my kid has absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever! This is him dressed for school this morning. He is wearing pj pants with tons of penguins all over them with a Buzz Lightyear shirt with tons of little pictures from the movie behind the big picture of Buzz. HJ figured with all the penguins and small pictures on his shirt, he had 100 things on! Cute, I know!


The Davis Family said...

at least he doesn't walk around on a normal basis wearing every ounce of camo clothing that he owns; irregardless of whether it is the same pattern, color etc! The joys of preschoolers!

Nashvillians Now said...

Tomorrow is sports day to end the special 100 day week. At least I get to help pick that outfit out and we will at least coordinate. I am letting him pick which top he wants: Vols, Titans, or Predators but he has to wear jeans with it! We have PJ pants that are Vols and Titans and I could just see him wanting to wear one of those with the sweatshirt!