Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moving and Bad Parenting

I have a tip for all you bloggers out there and it involves moving and what not to do as a parent! This scenario is all hypothetical of course, because, of course I am way too responsible of a parent to do something like this, of course!
When moving, one should always think of the what ifs of parenting young children and come up with solutions before they happen. One example of this, (a hypothetical example of course!) would be to think about what you would do if your child was to develop a sudden severe ear ache. The responsible parent would of course have a pediatrician in their new city all ready secured so that one responsible parent could call that pediatrician for immediate medicine for the inconsolable child.
However, I do happen to know that this exact scenario happened to someone that did not have a pediatrician lined up because of a million excuses that do not mean much when your 4 year old is crying because his ear hurts so bad and wants YOU to fix it. (Again, I would NEVER do this :)
So what does one do when they do not have anyone to call in the city they live in for medical attention? One tries to call their nurse practitioner from their previous doctor AT THEIR HOME, in order to get medicine. And what does one mother who is about to cry herself do when she can not get ahold of the nurse practitioner at their personal home and DOES NOT want to take her child to the ER on a Saturday night for an ear infection. The wonderfully responsible mother drugs her child with pain medicine so he will sleep and keeps drugging him every 4 hours, praying his ear drum won't rupture during the night. Then the said mother takes her son to the Minute Clinic at CVS and arrives 15 minutes before they open on Sunday, so that her child will be seen first.
Then the mother happily picks up the antibiotics for the ear infection and lets her tired son pick out some cool art supplies at CVS to appease her guilt.


The Davis Family said...

you didn't mention that you tried to infect your house guests...tee hee! You are SO NOT A BAD PARENT!!!