Friday, January 25, 2008


As you may recall from a previous post that one of our goals is to get the garage and bsmt cleaned out and organized. Well I have been spending A LOT of time down there during nap time. I had a huge load for the Salvation Army to pick up. I also got things somewhat organized and moved around so that once the Salvation Army came KJ would be able to park in the garage. (His car is really old and a little temperamental in the cold. He was starting to have some problems with is and it needs to be out of the cold!) Well the Salvation Army came today and took half of what I wanted them to take. Apparently I did not stress enough how much stuff we really had for them to take and they were not prepared for the volume so they could only take half of it!
Well anyway, they took enough stuff for KJ to park in the garage! Yeah, we can see the progress!
Hopefully, they will come next week again and take the rest! Then I can get to more organizing and such and hopefully I will be able to park in the garage soon. (It will help when football season is over and I can get KJ down there with me on the weekends!)
So anyway, you can see the before and after pics! I am so excited!


The Davis Family said...

whoopee! so glad you are making progress, i know if feels good!