Sunday, January 27, 2008

Isn't She Lovely

I know it is hard to believe but I purchase the lovely necklace my daughter is wearing today at Old Navy for only $1.00. I went today to try and find HJ some more long sleeve polos for school and was checking out and they had all these super lovely, shiny necklaces next to the checkout. Each were marked down from $16.00 to $1.00. I was shocked that there would be so many of these fine necklaces and that they were so cheap. I knew just who would LOVE it! Miss CJ! This was of course after I let everyone around me know I was buying it for my 2 year old daughter for dress up. I wanted to make sure everyone knew I was not buying it for myself! (I am not sure why I care what complete strangers think of me, but I do, especially when it comes to gaudy, wait I mean beautiful shiny jewelry).
So as you can see from the pictures, CJ is thrilled with her new jewelry. And if you have a little princess at home who loves all things pink and shiny you may want to check out Old Navy and see if they still have any but hurry I am sure they are selling fast!